NewHoyt Archery Handle Grand Prix Xceed

Hoyt Archery Handle Grand Prix Xceed

String Tension Technology (patent-pending) 
This unprecedented advancement and innovation in recurve archery give the shooter the ability to adjust the string tension, which allows for a customized feel of your limbs
Three distinct settings in the dovetail block
Ultimate Performance - # 1 setting farthest from the tiller bolt, will achieve the highest level of string tension
Optimal for those looking for a more aggressive pull through the clicker in high pressure, high adrenaline situations
Ultimate Smoothness - # 3 setting closest to the tiller bolt, the string tension is the lowest
This helps the limbs feel smoother through the clicker, especially during the last 1 to 2 millimeters of the draw cycle
Hybrid - # 2 setting is the middle position, for those looking for a combination of performance and smoothness
While this new technology allows archers to customize the feel of their limbs by adjusting their string tension, no changes are made to the overall tune of the bow for ultimate consistency and accuracy
Improved dovetail block allows you to move your limbs laterally with solid locking set screws ensures nothing moves on you
Patented limb rockers dynamically balance the limb tip from brace to full draw by rocking the limb with shims on either side of the limb at the dovetail block
VertaTune plate system allows you to position your plunger in a high, medium, and low position allowing for 6mm of overall adjustment
Laser etched graduated markings allow you to track the placement of your clicker along the VertaTune plate for precise and consistent adjustments
Earl Hoyt Geometry
Xceed Barebow Riser Weight System (sold separately) - delivering the stabilization package barebow shooters need to compete at the highest level
Xceed Riser Pocket Weights (sold separately) - stackable weights 1.5 oz each (max 2 per pocket) allows for riser weight customization enabling you to fine tune your setup
Length: 25"
Weight: 2.8 lbs. (1270 grams)
Designed to complement all Grand Prix Series (ILF) Hoyt limbs

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Hoyt Archery Handle Grand Prix Xceed

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